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Drug use is common in prisons. That's why we added a side effect when you devour mushrooms, or mushroom stew.
It can be both positive and negative and creates a whole new (illegal) trade in the prison! Be sure no to be caught with them!

Private Cells:
One of the biggest downside on most of the Prison servers would be that there isn't any space for the prisoner itself. Of course you could buy a plot on the courtyard, but wouldn't it be a lot more fun if you could actually get a cell?
You may customize it to your heart's content.

Lots of content:
We made sure there are lots of ways to earn money. Because who wants to mine and chop wood for the rest of their lives? A few of the many examples would be a MobArena and a Casino

Frequent Events:
You can always join MobArena and fight for prizes. If you don't fancy fighting mobs you can always participate in the regular Spleef Events.

Every good server needs it own currency. Money is here used to buy more privileges or to rank up.

Up to 5 attainable ranks:
There are 5 attainable ranks on our server:
- D-Prisoner, the default rank
- C-Prisoner, 2nd prisoner lowest rank
- B-Prisoner, 2nd prisoner highest rank
- A-Prisoner, highest prisoner rank
- Escapee, players may hunt these players down and earn large sums of money
- Civilian, they are free to roam the whole world and the prison

Then not to mention the staff ranks which you can also apply for.

Strong Community:
Members of our community have been going with us since the old Imprisoned map.(dating from around september 2011)

Experienced staff:
Most members of our staff also have been going with us since the old map.

Escape Routes:
What would a prison be without escape routes? Very challenging escape routes are available in the prison.

And more for you to discover!