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Hello and welcome to


What is DrugRun?
DrugRun is a server based on drugs, but also has PvP, Towny, Factions/Clans and much more.

Who runs DrugRun?
The owner is me, Lodo.
Our head admin is Maxito43
We are still looking for staff, So everyone has a chance!


When you join our server you start as a Junkie.

As Junkie you have no rights, You can have 1 ./home, And you work hard.
Pay 15,000 Dollars (Our in-game Currency) To rank up to Grower.

As Grower you can have 2 ./home's. One of the extra's, you have is McMMo and ./tpa.
You have more respect then a Junkie.
You still have to work hard, Life is becoming easier soon.
Once you have collected 50,000 Dollars you can rank up to Dealer.

As Dealer you can have 5 ./home's. A dealer has worked hard and earned
Quite some respect in that time. A Dealer can start his own Shop!.
With his shop he can sell items (Not drugs) and ofcourse make money.
Pay 175,000 Dollars to rank up to Drug Baron.

Drug Baron:
You are now known and feared. You get a lot of respect and you have shown yourself
As a great leader. You can set 8 ./home's, And you can make a DrugShop! You are now close to becoming very, very powerful!
Once you have collected 750,000 Dollars you can rank up to Mayor.

As a Mayor you have shown that you are the best of the best.
You can set 10 ./home's. And you are now even able to buy a town!
There are 5 towns, all with different drug prices. The higher the drug price
The more you will have to pay for a town. Once you own a town
You can rent plots to your followers and collect tax.
Mayor's make a lot of money and definetly are the big guys from the server.
You will live in a big house in your own town, And even get a tree house
In the Special Jungle