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[RPG]-[Dungeons]-[Quests]-[Bosses]-[Classes]-[Towns]-[PvP]-[Lag Free]

How to Join:

- Connect Minecraft to

RPG - Complete RPG world with custom made breathe taking biomes! Each comes with dungeons, bosses, quests, and epic adventure!

DUNGEONS - That's right dungeons! We have created several dungeons both PvP and non PvP for everybody! Do a puzzle, slash your way through monsters, complete trick jumps, or get a party to hack and slash your way to the loot chests at the end!

Bosses - What's a dungeon without a boss? Custom bosses with special abilities and special loot drops!

Quests - Over 60 custom quests to keep you entertained for days on end!

Classes - Custom classes that allow you to play the style that you want!

Towns - Join a town that already exists or make your own town and show off your creations!

PvP - Our custom PvP World set up for those that love PvP, but not a necessity for those who do not like PvP.