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OresomeCraft is a Minecraft community where we strive to give you guys, the players, the best Minecraft experience across the whole network. We have friendly Mods/Admins, and our community is absolutely oresome. We are all very laid back and enjoy helping with practically anything, whilst attempting to give players the freedom to create their own fun. We have many custom plugins, coded by the owner himself, Zachoz, and some more minor (yet still fun or useful!) plugins coded by the Developers.

OresomeCraft has been around for a long time, while only being professionally hosted for a year. Prior to that, it was running off the owner's spare laptop in his lounge room. We've expanded aggressively since that, needing a full dedicated server to meet the needs and requirements of entertaining you guys. So, while we do the hard work, and the technical things, you can enjoy the game for what it is; no lag, no interruptions from anywhere in the Asia/Pacific region.

The OresomeCraft Network is run on an Australian Dedicated server, hosted by the one and only AusFrag. The OresomeCraft Network facilitates many different game-types and play-styles; we have SMP (Survival Multi-Player), Battles (KitPvP, custom plugin and tons of maps!) and Onslaught (Zombie Survival). We plan on expanding, and are currently working on new server ideas.

------------ SMP ------------

Survival Multiplayer. The back-bone of the OresomeCraft Network. This is where everything began. The original map has long been removed with multiple map resets since then. Fortunately, a regular player-base has been established with a steady player count of around 30-50 during peak times. We hope to raise this in the future and are constantly looking for new ideas to improve the SMP experience. The server is great and the community greater.

---------- Battles ------------

Dive into a world of intense Minecraft PvP combat. Using