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Minecraft Hunger Games<---- Click Here for Hunger Games

[Hunger Games Server IP]:
[Hunger Games Website]:

[PvE Dungeons Server IP]:
[PvEl Dungeons Games Website]:

[Hunger Games Player Cap]: 1600 Players
[Normal Player Cap]: 520 Players

[AVG Users online]
400 @ Night
1000+ @ Day/Weekends

[Hunger Games Server]
Battle in over 16 arenas. includes Leaderboards, In game Ranks.
Very easy to join games (average wait time 30sec). Lots of custom features like grenades, traps, Tribute Points, Live # Ranking beside your name and more!.

[Normal Server]
Mob Arena
Chest Shop
25 Epic Dungeons with epic loot
PvP Arenas
Virtual Chests/Workbenches
Keep your items/XP when you die
Spawn Eggs
Residence Protection
Spam Protection
Curse Filter
Aura effects around your player
Free Market Mall

[Concerning Minecraft Updates]
We have consistently always been first to update to support the newest minecraft versions.



Spooky182002 [07/06/13 at 4:03 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 2
Uberminecraft is Okay..
Although no one cares about the players. They may have loads of bungeecorded servers. Although you can easily tell that they are spending money to get players on. I have a server, If I payed money to get people on my server, They would think i'm desprate. You dont get given a lot, All over the website you can see its shouting at you DONATE TO ME. They let you add a server to their network, But It says you have to have 3 clicks to uberminecraft from your website a day. Thats okay but do they need any more servers on their network? No, They only really need 1 server. Donations, The top rank costs $185, Who would give that as a donation. That person would be very stupid.
pr4xt3roy [01/13/14 at 3:46 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
This server is a complete wreak. It's been griefed a lot and the owner (wow4201 aka Trent Ewald) is completely ignoring all the problems and ignoring all the players and ignoring all the donators.

I've purchased a rank on his server and something must have broke because the next day I was downgraded. I have tried contacting him for a month or so. I tried by email, phone, Skype... nothing. I left a message on his voice mail. He never returned the call. I tried calling him many times after, I never got any answer. I left him many emails and he never replied. I called many times with Skype and left many messages with Skype. Nothing...

So I disputed the charge with Paypal but he never replied to Paypal either. So I escalated the dispute into a claim and Trent still refused to reply to Paypal. Paypal eventually decided in my favor and I got my money back.

Is Trent Dead or what?

Stay away from this server!