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This is The Castle Kingdom Server! Now on our 2nd map due to popularity! Come online and build, craft, create and climb the levels!

Once you build your house, just ask an admin for protection to stop annoying griefers! We are friendly and like welcoming new players!

Server Statistics:-

Minecraft Version - CraftBukkit for 1.2.4

Plugins - World Gaurd, iConomy, Essentials, PermissionsEX, DisguiseCraft and more!!

Features - PVP, Freebuild, Survival, Ranking, Economy (InDev)

Builder (Default, Basic Perms)
Resident - (Upgrade if you are a regular and responsible player)
Councillor - Take part in our council meetings and decide the future of the server! (60hrs+ of gameplay on the server required for this level)
Mayor - (If you build your own town and deserve more privileges!)
Commander - (Co-admin)
Admin - (The Creme de la Creme)

Enjoy playing!
McNerd - Owner & Founder of Castle Kingdom