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SkyMines is an amazing and fun server! With an amazing staff your question are answered with ease.

Playing a server shouldn't be hard or complicated. We made sure nobody should have a painful

and complicated time to join this server! All you have to do is log on to the server and walk

straight out and begin your adventure!

Auction - Have items you want to sell? Use the auction and watch your item's price skyrocket!
Anti-Cheat - We take cheating seriously and so we have many of the greatest plugins designed for anti-cheating installed on our amazing server!
Banking - We believe that you shouldn't lose all of your items if somebody finds your base, so we have an amazing chest banking system and an great experience banking system.
Chest Organizer - Our server has a plugin called SkyChest that organizes your chests with one punch! This plugin was created by the owner of the server another convenient plugin.
Economy - This server loves the ability to buy and sell items. To earn money is also the fun part! You have the ability to earn money by killing other players, voting for the server everyday, selling items or participating in mini-games that this server has!
Detail - The staff of SkyMines like to express their love of detail. Meaning they put a lot of their time in creating the best environment for the server and scenery. We have an amazing spawn that does not lack in anything also it appeals to the eye. For more convenience we have developed a plugin designed for throwing away items without throwing them on the ground!
Slots - Gambling is a dangerous but fun activity. You can either win big and go home or lose it all! To give players the chance to risk what they have we added slot machines in the shop area!