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~~Zedz Detention Center~~

The Prison RPG themed server for you!

Welcome to Zedzcraft Detention Center! We want you to come and be the best prisoner you can be. Mine, farm, or punch some trees to make money to buy even better tree punching tools! Or to level up to the next prisoner rank, the ranks are as follows: C, B, A and Elite (For Donors only) Each rank will grant you bigger cells, a bigger farm, more trees to punch and just a plain better looking prison feeling lonely in the B area because your the first one to rank up? Dont worry! you can always go visit your poor old C block friends, however they can not come visit you.


(Can get banned, kicked or muted) Server Rules:
No hacks or cheats
No racism or insulting comments
Respect your admins

(Can get Strikes, which lead to solitary confinement.) RPG Rules:
Obey the guards and Warden
No weapons or armor (Leather armor is fine)
Do not assault fellow Prisoners
Do not assault Guards or Warden


Yup, you can escape! There is a few ways. You can use the Escape Course which is open for 2 hours a day, You can donate, or you can pay 100,000 in game money

Ranking up?

Yup, you can rank up! But at a cost. to get from C Prisoner (default) to B Prisoner is will cost: 7,000 in game money. To get from B prisoner to A prisoner it will cost: 30,000 in game money. And to get from any rank to Elite it will cost at least a $5 donation.


Yup you can join! No whitelist or aplication to fill out! join connect to out ip: