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==TO JOIN JUST TYPE THE IP IN MINECRAFT =). The port will not fit!==

Welcome to the server!
Check out our server map!

We like to keep things a bit simple sometimes, but that doesn't mean we don't like to build cities! We're currently in the middle of building a small city and later will upscale it too! We've had hundreds of different people join the server since starting in May 2011 and still going!

----- We are currently, building a new city and roaming around. We're planning on building a new city and connecting it to the old one.------

Admins will give you build power for griefing reasons =)

Plugins on teh server!

*OKB3 w/ GroupManager: Tons of server options: ranks, item selling/buying, AFK options, teleport accept, reject. TNT explosion reject, anti-griefing, etc.

*MultipleHomes: Allows you to set multiple homes in minecraft (*Spoiler* Look @ the bottom of the pages for tips on how to use it ;] )

Server Currently on craftbukkit

Server tips:
* You may type /tpa playername in chat to request to teleport
If someones name is ImAboss you can type /tpa ImA to teleport to that person

* Type /mail send playername yourmessagehere to send messages

* You can sell the current item in your hand by typing /sell

* You can set multiple homes. Type /sethome 1 to set Home 1, /sethome 2 to set Home 2, /sethome 3 etc. To go to those homes type /home 1 , /home 2 , /home 3 , etc.

* Don't forget to HAVE FUN. We like to play real so we build using everything we have. Rarely do we use give, or minecraft wouldn't be a challenge would it?