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Hi all happy and prospective players on kladkatt.se

Kladkatt.se is a Swedish server, although we have not done so well in getting the Swedes! Our goal with the server is to create a friendly and structured nomination craft world where players will feel well cared for and have fun!

To achieve this we have created a crew with chain positions, not ranks! Where the player has actually assignments on the server. This information concerns, among other things to take care of new players on the server that will ensure that you get started with practical details such as location, protection, and knowledge of the server's simple rules.

We who hold the server is very much the simple people who have an interest in the game MineCraft but who also finds joy in running a server and create favourable condition for the game fun for your players! We both study and work and at free times is when we spend our most time and energy to maintain kladkatt.se!

And remember, when you log in for your first time! when you encounter Gorillan for the first time, try not to sound like dirt!



Amberstarr [01/31/13 at 10:18 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 2
This has to be the best server ever. Everyone is friendly and really helpful, and unlike almost every other server, there is hardly any lag and no griefing! It's also really fun, with mines, forests and more. It is extremely popular and I think that every server should be like it.
It is also no swearing, which is great because on all the other servers your fun is spoilt by horrible people saying horrible things. Ergh. Definately try it out, whether your a beginner to Minecraft or a seasoned gamer, you'll love it!
megatycon [05/01/13 at 8:52 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
This is the best server EVER!! Hardly any griefing swearing, spam and lagg. It has a complete money system
and that is very good. The serer also have ''plots'' the plots are the places you build on. If you find a sign
with a text ther is says:
for sale

you must use /plot buy. And if that doesent work just write /selfservice buy. The admins/moderators have
another colors than the regular purple that you start with. To message use: /msg [players name](message)
To pay peapole use /money pay megatycon 30. For an example i used my name. But you can also pay me just for a thx for this info message :3. And when you meet Gorrilian, Snufflen, Kaffemugg, piggywig and
mikey2guns, DON'T SOUND LIKE A DERP!! use /warp pcreate [warp name] to make a warp an use
/warp delete [warp name] to delete your warp. welcome :)
Wolfhound1 [03/24/13 at 11:15 AM] [Reply]Rating: 4/5 | 1
This server is amazing, Everyone is so friendly, This is DEFINATELY a server which is fun. If you get angry when your killed and your stuff is taken, do not go to /warp wild because there are mega-pro diamond guys who have played minecraft for years on end, and they will smash you. So if you go, dont take good stuff, only take stuff like a simple stone/iron sword and a few bits of food. Take a bow, but make sure you dont lose it, and if you take a bow, dont take more than 32 arrows. Have fun, i sure did! The only suggestion is-The Cap rule and the Spam rule is a bit too harsh. Maybe down the cap rule a bit? and maybe allow spam no more than 3 times of the same thing. :) have fun!
erikhansen [05/15/13 at 4:51 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
I LOVE this server!! The members are great and everyone is nice! I hope everyone who sees this wants to join!!!