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Welcome to MegaCraft 1.7/1.8,

MegaCraft is a fun server ran by professionals offering multiple game types.  The only difference between us and the others is that we are not using one server to host all of this.  We are using a fully functional hub linked to servers hosted on other machines.  This makes your overall game outcome even more enjoyable.

We offer Creative, Avatar, Factions, Survival, and much more coming soon.  This makes our server even one more step better!  Since we offer so much, you will not be able to leave us.  Time will fly, but yes you will have fun!

Remember to check us out on the web at for more information and to stay on top of the latest news with Mega Craft.



theisrl15 [04/01/13 at 2:30 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 17
Do not come here.

The moderators are abusive and quick to ban you. They have a no grief policy which is wonderful! However, until they claim you grieved someone...then quickly and without warning your banned, they'll send you a picture of nonsense as proof if you ask. The reason i think it's a total can pay you way back with a 10 dollar donation! Yeah no room for abuse there..Total scam, better to go somewhere else.
Hazardless [06/07/13 at 11:51 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 4
Overall great server. Friendly staff that help out and moderate the chat at almost all times. Bans for fair reasons. Many rules, but easy to follow. A lot of different server types and minigames make this server enjoyable, along with a economy. Donation ranks are fair and worth it. If the server reaches the donation amount at the end of the month, they host drop parties on every server of theirs which is really fun. I recommend this server for all. We have a wide variety of players. Young, old, boy, girl, different cultures. Really unique and quite a gaming experience. I enjoy playing everyday.
InsanelyAdequate [03/25/14 at 2:03 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
First off, despite there's many hate comments on here, I've never made any bad experiences regarding abuse or anything on this server (well, there has been staff spawning items or such, but from what I've known they were banned immediately), I've only witnessed the decent community and the delightful gameplay, and those aspects have never been disproven to me in my years of playing this server - surely, this server does have quite a lot of rules, but most of them apply to MCBans rules, thus everyone should know and respect them.
Staff bans fairly and uploads proof to mcbans directly (as I've seen that myself), also ban appeals are being treated appropiately and exemptions are being made.
Almost 24/7 support by seemingly really friendly staff that intends to establish a community whose most relevant endeavour is to make time as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

All in all, great server, absolutely my server to remain on sempiternally!

BlueFyrePvP [09/20/15 at 9:19 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
Better environment than other servers, may not be the most popular but is one of the nicer servers I have seen. The staff are fair and almost always online to handle server problems and disputes between players. Abusing staff are immediately banned, despite what others have said. The players are very friendly and will sometimes assist new players in their journey on MegaCraft. The server is always well worth the login every time you find yourself playing MineCraft.
Brownie105 [03/21/15 at 8:41 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
I love this server. The staff are friendly and are always willing to help out. There are rules, but they're easy to follow, and there are different server types for players to enjoy. If donation goals are reached, we get drop parties as rewards. I recommend it for all players, regardless of their age
Alex_Vlassis [07/07/13 at 1:08 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
The admins abuse you and ban you for what seems like because they feel like it. The reason i think it's a total can pay your way back with a 10 dollar donation! Yeah no room for abuse there..Total scam, better to go somewhere else.
Ghost8797 [12/29/13 at 7:07 PM] [Reply]Rating: 2/5 | 0
Staff are helpful sometimes and can be nice. But some of them are jerks and that goes for the players as well. They are quick to ban and that could be useful. But if you try to defend yourself for any reason they will threaten you with the chance of being banned for talking back to staff and causing drama which is bull.i Hate that they don't even let you refund that is stupid . The server sucks and they don't even let you know what is going on with the server. They don't tell you why it crashed,when they are planing on doing anything. All you get as notice is a 3 minute broadcast that the server is shutting down and that is it. Also server rules apply on the website what kind of bull is that. Its called Server Rules for a reason Not Website Rules. They don't have any website rules yet only way you find out that you broken them is when you are banned. Mega SUCKS DON'T JOIN EVER. but if you want to waste money join you be banned no matter what. Their website barley gives information.
SorenSora [09/15/13 at 1:46 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
This has been one of the worst experiences I've had in any MC server. It's not the griefing or trolling players. It's the griefing and trolling staff. They abuse their power and the only way you can have
this abusive power is if you paid for it. You can apply, but you
probably won't get in because you'll have to "donate". The managers who take the money can't enforce their server rules. About half the servers are down on a good day. Your hard-work disappearing overnight is painful! Don't try to build anything permanent, in their frequent server crashes, everything is wiped clean. Their staff response is: "It's just a game," They clearly don't care for their players.
ImGarett [07/31/13 at 3:02 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
Bad server. Admin and owners spamming chat and giving friends full sets of whatever they want. I tell owner to plz stop spamming chat, and they ban me and another player. Don't go there.
Dark8Kurama [08/17/13 at 5:19 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This server is great! The guy below me is wrong. Staff is not abusive. They follow the rules. plain and simple. This server is so much fun they add new content ever month and have drop parties to reward us for donating! I love this server and i recommend it to all players regardless of what the dude below me said.