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We have 8 different servers to meet all player's needs with different games and variations of Minecraft. We are a server with a friendly community and don't tolerate language, hate, etc. We keep a friendly and comfortable environment with our friendly but stern staff.

Our original server!
64x64 sized plots.
The world is completely flat.
Did I mention that you have creative mode right away, without sign up?

The survival server is meant for people who like to play Minecraft the way it's meant to be played.
Incorporates plugins made by developers to enhance the player's experience
Spawning is not allowed here...its survival...

Faction up with your friends and battle other factions
Become the most powerful faction in the land
Become allies or enemies with other factions

Composed of Minecraft minigames like:
Capture the Flag
Mob Arena
Survival Games
Hide and Seek
Temple Run

MetaServe Games:
Our take on the very popular "Hunger Games"
Battle your friends in a randomly generated world or huge city
Choose a specialty with one of our many kits
The last person to survive wins!

A completely flat grass world.
This world is meant for massive projects, not unplanned randomness.
Unrestricted project size.
Only Uber or higher can build on the Freebuild server.

Try to survive and thrive on your tiny piece of land in the sky
Expand to create a gigantic sky kingdom
Invite friends to help you with your skyblock
You have limited resources so be careful

Create towns, cities, and nations on this exciting server
Try and become the most powerful nation in the land!