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DrugCraft is a new Drug server centered around the idea of drug trade. In this server you start out as a "Pothead" and you will rank-up to the highest possible rank if you gain enough money to do so. The only real way of gaining money is through the trade of drugs. But you are not just limited to that, you could also sell other items in the shop area at spawn. There are a few "police" that are on the lookout for people with drugs and if they catch you, your sentence will be 5 minutes in a jail cell.



killa12 [11/30/12 at 7:31 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 2
this server was the worse server i have ever seen the staff are mean to everyone.And they banned me for doing nothing.Dont go on this server if i were u.
DolansDuk [09/02/15 at 2:31 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
Ummm...Why did I just lose my farm and house after two days, is there some command or thing I have to do to not lose my everything. WTF! I voted and prospered from there and was gone for two days and lost my crops (Every single one), most of my tools, and all the stuff I got from voting. This sucks.
minecraftforve [09/12/15 at 12:12 AM] [Reply]Rating: 2/5 | 0
Allright time for some real talk. I've played on this server all of 4 days and i loved it. "lovED", the plotmods don't know what there doing and now i paid 7.50 for a plot combo that they can't give me, and if i refund it auto bans me. this server would be better if it had better staff. sorry to say i think I'm gonna let myself be banned and get my 30$ back unless the plotmods and or any other staff able to help smartens up
niglets_r_us [09/30/13 at 5:28 AM] [Reply]Rating: 4/5 | 0
It's an alright server except when you go into the survival portal you have a bunch of people camping so you cant get by.
Firewithfire115 [06/07/14 at 8:13 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
this server really is terrible, the drug craft mini game doesn't have a clear tutorial, and there is junk everywhere, and all the other mini games are crap, DeadloxMC plays it and makes it look easy, but he pays real money for it, I don't usually review servers for them sucking, bu this one sux, if youre thinking about getting it, think again, Id rather have a virus than this.