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Information on applying for a [Regular] Found at the bottom

Welcome to Zone-Z!
Here at Zone-Z, we don't feel the need to brag, so this is it:
We have a multiworld freebuild system. There are multiple biome worlds that you can just have fun in and build what you want while fighting off all the same obstacles as in single player! We also have several donation incentives to increase your play speed, build more creatively, or even own your own unique world in our server!
We don't have a whitelist So come on in and build!
Donation Incentives/Ranks:

Want more power in the server? Want to be well respected upon members and admins?
Want to support us and keep our server and beloved community alive?

So here is what you can get for $20

§ A beautiful, golden chat name&chat tag
§ Access to "/kit tools" for a nice advantage in items
§ The ability to area protect your creations to be 100% grief proof with worldguard!
§ Magic carpet so you can fly around your most intricate and difficult creations
§ Access to the "/tp" & "/s" command to teleport to and summon players!
§ Access to the /warp command to warp to spots faster and easier!
§ A new nickname! .. Yes! You can request a new name at anytime, and we can change it!
§ 50% damage taken from falling/monsters/explosions

------Future incentives ----- (included for free after donating)

☼ A faster/ better server =)
☼ A teleporter that goes to a -unique- world that only donators can build in!


Regular Applications:

Or comment with a thumbs up here!
Leave your IGN, and reason you want to become a [Regular] Then submit a /modreq ingame to be promoted asap!