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You're new in town, the world is big, and the local gods chosen pets, the creepers, have decided that is an amazing absolutely nothing you have. Can you make it on your own or will you team up with others of like mind and build a town to stave off the night? Perhaps you have skills as a farmer or engineer? Maybe your a good politician. Whatever the case I'm sure you will find a place, even if it is as a hated and despised raider and brigand.
The Cave is a RP Survival server currently under active development. We are running CraftBukkit and several mods to help with immersion as well as custom work constantly being developed and deployed to make The Cave one of the best Minecraft experiences there are.
CraftBukkit Server PVP Economy Town & Skill System Whitelist access only. Just go to our forums, register your account, and then submit a request in the Membership Request thread to sign up.
Founder: TheNo1Yeti Admins: FrozenWinter, RevFeuerFrei Mods: Vetack, Treesunder, Shakko_Kitsune, Blind_Rage, Katella