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New Free Build server. Come Build and have a great time!


Main Rules:
#1 No griefing
#2 No spamming chat
#3 No asking for creative
#4 Respect all players
#5 NO Mods. We do Not Allow ANY Mods

or if you enjoy numbers



The_SUPERGATOR [04/07/14 at 10:44 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
This server is very fun, assuming you want to be alone. No one on this server has ever replied to me, even when I use /helpop to get help from someone. Nobody replies :/...
PrivateNie [04/08/13 at 3:11 AM] [Reply]Rating: 2/5 | 0
Overall this server can be enjoyable minus other people messing up your builds. Also asking for staff help is a bs as a majority of them will ignore you and favors others.
Cheese_Pwnage [03/30/13 at 3:04 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
When I think of a server, I want one thing: Fun.
InfinityCraft gave me that and more. With the Ability to build with given supplies without taking survival completely out, the server blends the best of both worlds together like a strawberry banana smoothie. The result: Amazing. First off, you get dumped at the spawn, which looks like a beachside hotel, and you're presented with a board which prompts you to look at the rules of the server and proceed to a shop to pick up building supplies and basic gear such as a pick axe or food. From there you go to the free build. That's where the fun begins. Build your home, a statue of yourself, anything. Griefing is not permitted and there are strict rules and measures against it. Doing so will get you banned and there are plugins to provide evidence. Speaking of which, plugins provide important features that make InfinityCraft unique. Some are core while others are for privileged players. The modera-What do you mean I'm out of space?!