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Optical Crafting is a relatively new server, which was started a few weeks ago. We have 25 regular players at the moments and are looking for new players! There are currently several factions that are available to join, consisting of both small and large factions! Currently most players are crating bases, homes, and preparing for the eventual PvP wars and admin run events. If you're looking for a great server with awesome members stop by today! Make sure you mention that you heard of us on!


"This really is a great server, me and friend have made an incredible faction base and the plugins really add a ton of stuff to do!
Once pvp starts its going to be epic. :3 "

"AWESOME! This is why I love this server, it's always up, and it's always adding new things!"

"It's great that owners/mods always help out members in need!"

"Amazing server! The staff are all very friendly and there's always something to do! This server got me addicted to Minecraft again!"