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We are SWATcraft, or Servers Working And Trusted. We are a Minecraft server team, dedicated to bringing good service to anyone who joins. We are a group of 6 people who love Minecraft, computers, and technology in general. While we can't promise a server that works 100% of the time, we can promise that you'll enjoy your stay here. So please, check out our server to have a good time.
Our server is somewhat small, but I feel that some people believe is a good thing, after all, what good is Minecraft if everything in the world's been done before? Our staff is fun and friendly, and especially helpful. If you ever need any assistance during your stay on the server, ask people like: Me ( The_C0DEM0NKEY), Tm825, Rorinater5,or mrred 1441. We have permissions and an admin shop.
So, if you want to have an enjoyable time on Minecraft, come join SWATcraft!