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100 slot newish hard core survival pvp server. plugins: mcmmo, iconomy, factions, sethome.

We are a hardcore pvp survival server where pvp is not only allowed, but encouraged!

dynmap and stats now on website check it out!

Website: llamacraft.com

we use mumble voip

mumble voip: llamacraft.com


1) Griefing is allowed in fact... we encourage it!

2) 18+ ....nothing will be censored if you have hate in yer heart, let it out!

3) Admins and Mods are here to help and keep the game balanced, not to be begged

4) no crying about getting griefed

5) in-game currency is llamas do /money

6) costs 1,000 llamas to create a faction, more to claim land

7) don't ask for mod or op position ZacGod (Head Admin) will decide
don't chat spam