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Fellow minecrafters, welcome to FlameCraft

We have everything you will want in your Creative Minecraft server.You are first spawned in the creative world but have the ability to travel to different worlds including the original FlameCraft world where it all begin, a flat world, and the most recent world. When you build it, we guard it, that means that your work will not be greifed...YAY. FlameCraft has TONS of minigames like tetris, Mob Arena, Soccer, and PVP arena. Take advantage of our 60+ plugins...Yea thats a lot. We have a tons of land to build on. We offer more terrain than any other creative server because we have a flat world to build on and a world with immense mountains and normal terrain. You can travel through portals to different places or just use a simple warp command. Rank up to different levels through your playtime and builds. FlameCraft does not have a big tollerance for greifers or spammers. If you commit a small greif or try to, you will be jailed or warned. If you do it again you will have a temporary ban. If you greif a third time or commit a large greif then you will be perm banned...unless you donate :). We are up 24/7 so that means you can play at 3 in the morning on a monday night! Our purely dedicated minecraft server runs 24gb ram all for Minecraft...So why not get your FlameCraft on at: