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MC Server:

Our server is run on top of the range hardware to ensure that you have a speedy experience, and you don't have to deal with lag issues.

We have bags of processing power, masses of RAM and enough HDD Space to store all your wacky creations. We even have a snazzy 1GB/s connection.

You know we care:
We make sure that our server is secure and safe from hackers, spammers and everything else that compromises you, or makes the game unfair. We even obfuscate our client server packets so XRay mods DONT WORK!

We have a multitude of bukkit plugins required to keep the server safe, fun and awesome!
AntiFlood protects from spammers.
We also protect your creations from Creepers and TNT.
And if for some reason, something of yours does get griefed... We roll it all back!

There is so much to do at CreatureCraft!
You can even join our teamspeak server, to get to know us even better!

We use a full economy and loads of new rich features, Minecraft was never more fun :)
Come visit us today!