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EndlessCity is a growing Minecraft community which runs on a in-game economy and town system where you can build your own Nation and become the king of it! We're already running the server since august and we're still up 24/7!

The server has over 30 plugins installed for a better user experience and is far from vanilla but stays with the sense that you take from EndlessCity what you give back to it.

Guides and Helpful Information on the proceeding post.


Server IP: Endless.no-ip.org

All players may freely log onto our server without having to whitelist! When you start you can Immediately join a town or start survivalling in the "Wilderness"!


We are hosting out server at Go-Networks. Go-Networks is an approved minecraft server hoster, and makes sure our server is online 24/7!


With many Towns and a couple of Nations EndlessCity has developed into a really nice server, where you could have as much fun as you want!
You will enjoy:
A griefer-free experience while under town protection
A PvP and aggressive Mob free environment in our Towns
A vibrant, active, and helpful community
First-Class lite role-play experience
Your journey will begin in the expansive town of Endless, a town led, built, and occupied by our Administration. There you will find many helpful guides that will point you on your way to exploring this vast world on your own.

Use the chat to ask for a mayor to invite you to a town and show you around some of our marvelous cities. You can also use the command “/town list” to see a list of all of our active towns. You may travel to any of these towns by using “/town spawn [townname]”, but caution, this command costs $1 to use.