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The youcraft server is a brand new 1.0 server.Anyone can join and build. We use plugins to guarantee a griefing-free experience. The server admins will always be ready to help you. Exceptional builders will be able to participate in timelapses. We offer also some perks to people who would like to contribute to the server. You can play on both a survival and a creative world (nether included!),

Admins: Lordvman, Achielleus and Infinity555
Moderators: Supra and AVercammen

PVP: We have a PVP area and we are planning on doing PVP events.
SPLEEF: Our server now also has a spleef arena.

Most important plugins: Spout, Worldguard, Permissions, McBans, Buycraft, PhysicalShop, Logblock, Modtrs, LWC, Signcolours, Commandbook, NoCheat, WorldBorder, Citizens, ...

Creative: Builders will be given a free 15 by 15 plot in the creative world to work their imagination. If you want a larger domain, you'll have to pay with slimeballs. These can be earned by voting on the server on (see further) or by buying them in the in-game shop.

Payment: We offer players to buy ingame rescources, NPC's, Flying, and so on. We use buycraft and thus a paypal account is required.

Vote for our server every day by clicking Here
And get a free slimeball to spend on the server.