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Hello everyone I just would like to announce the release of a new minecraft server. I have been unemployeed for the past 5 months and I decided as I wait for a new career I would give some hard work to the minecraft community. I have spent the last 2 month learning all the commands building the server working with plug-ins and learning linux to host the fastest most stable minecraft server experience possible. So i'm here today to give out the address to enter this amazing world that afew of my guildmates and myself have created. A speical thanks to them also in here for all there hardwork! Well to get on to the point I hope you will join this server it's pvp based with market,stalls,economy,gambling,factions(guilds), and much much more!!! The website is www.TheFinalCraft.com for more information and there's alot of hidden castles with treasures along with underground pryimids and it's increased in ores and minerals along with Mcmmo for all you hardcore players! Well hope to have you join and hope this offers an amazing community to add to the minecraft world thanks alot!



ultimateninja46 [11/23/13 at 9:36 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This server was good until i lost all my rares and armor but i dead 100 times intentionally at spawn and said a skelly killed witch is IMPOSSIBLE and admin didn't response nor solve the case at all.