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Level Up Minecraft is a large and popular community of Minecraft players. We have multiple high performance dedicated server to ensure no lag for all players.

We currently run six servers which are HUB, Survival, PvP,Hunger Games, Team Fortress 2 and Skyblock. All servers are connected by a cloud, in which all players will join a HUB where they can choose what server to join.

You can visit our website at
Server IP:

We currently have six servers set up and running which include HUB, Survival, PvP, Hunger Games, Team Fortress 2 and Skyblock.

HUB Server
First Server you join to select the server you want to play on.

Hunger Games

PvP Server
Join or make a faction and try to raid others and loot their goods!

Team Fortress 2
A Minecraft remake of the Team Fortress 2 game.

Start on a small island and try to complete the challenges!
Traditional Hunger Games server.