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PVPZone is a not your regular Minecraft server. Explore over 10 unique classes each with amazing skills, spells, and abilities to upgrade. Mastering these classes not only keeps you busy, but keeps you entertained as you do it. As you upgrade your favorite classes, you will not only grow to love the server but will also find yourself striving to become the best!

Take part in intense Capture the Flag games to earn cash to upgrade your favorite classes. Also compete in many other gamemodes like Team Death Match, Death Match, Plant the Bomb, Steal the Cake, Parkour Race, Paintball, Zombie Defense, and much more. We also have a fantastic Mob Arena where you can take your favorite class and team up with friends to defeat monsters. Or explore the Dungeon room by room, solve puzzles, kill monsters, and eventually fight the evil Demon Boss at the end.

Type /warhub and choose a map!(Tip: join the most populated one!)

In PVPZone you can choose from up to 10 unique and powerful classes to take into any battle. You do not have to commit to a single class, you can switch on a whim whenever you want! Pick your favorites and unlock their newer spells to own even harder!













BakedPotatoXD [01/04/13 at 11:51 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
This server is great. There are nice people, everyone is willing to help. The classes can be glitchy but that's to be expected. Sometimes it can get confusing, so ask anyone for help. You should definitely check this server out.
Sonymm [12/17/13 at 9:25 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This is a great server! very unique and very active. One problem though, not with the server, but with me. I recently got a new computer, and I can't access the server. It always says "connection refused". Any help?
tylerintn [07/06/13 at 10:36 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
PVPZone is a fun little server that is somewhat similar to tf2. Most of the classes are balanced having their own weaknesses. Pvpzone is a fun server for people who like ranking up slowly, it gives a slowly rising to the top feel that will consume you if you are into that sort of thing. The best part about pvpzone is that donors do not get their own special spells, all they get from donating is permission to fancy chat colors, the ability to add prefixes and suffixes, mcmmo levels, because leveling mcmmo in this server is not easy, and they get other decorative things like /hat and /trail, but donating in a sense is not needed to master every class. I give PVPZone a 5, because it's a very creative server that uses many neat aspects of mincraft you may not have noticed. It's a rare breed of server that deserves it's own spotlight.