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We are looking for some fresh meat to join us in the simply factions server where players band together to battle the elements and sometimes sworn enemies. Experience a world of camaraderie, deception and warfare. Lie, cheat and steal your way to the top or win the hearts and minds of the citizens with sheer skill. Whoever you may choose to be, this is the server to test your mettle.

Come one come all!

Mods & Plugins:
iConomy, Spamhammer, MobBounty, BorderGuard, AntiXRay, NoMoreRain, NoCheat, Factions

Server Details:
- Server is hosted from a dedicated machine in the UK, little to no lag for those with a decent connection.
- Currently equipped to handle 30 slots.
- Uses iConomy allowing players to buy and sell from each other with chest shops as well as the server.
- Map boundaries are set to a radius of 1500 blocks from spawn, you can run but you can't hide.
- Factions mod enabling bands of players to be formed, each with their own unique style and philosophy.
- Predesignated 'safezone' safe from PVP and Mobs around the spawn and shopping zones.
- Make money by killing players (taking 15% of their net worth), building shops, or hunting for mobs.

Server Rules:
- No cheating or using game mods of any sort. If you are caught it will result in an instant ban.
- No spamming global chat
- No racism or derogatory terms (swearing is perfectly acceptable)
- Griefing bases of enemy factions is perfectly allowed, including tnt cannons, pistons etc.
- You are allowed to build your own mob grinders to accumulate resources for your faction.