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Takes you to a different galaxy long.. long... time ago.
The mighty Roman empire is at the brink of war. After the great war with Vader the Republic found victory! However before Darth Vader went, he had died with a curse that rose him and his army back from the dead.

These undead creatures have ran sacked and slathered villagers, and many are still missing.

You are surviving only on pure will to live.

Your objective.

I. Capture villagers
A. Throw eggs at them to catchem all.
B. each one you save will get you 1k Credits
II. Start a city and become its Governor!
A. First Chest you place will expand a region 10x10.
B. Using a Gold Shovel you can expand a claim up to 1 Million Blocks.
C. Sell subdivideclaims by placing a sign in the sub claim that was made in the main claim. Use a stick to see what claims are where.

Signs should include for the first line [re] and the second the line its price amount, when selling plots.

III. Start a shop in your city!
A. create shop keeper with villager eggs. Place a chest down right click air with the villager egg and then when ready select the chest you placed recently for your shop.

IV. Finally rank up!
A. Each rank allows you to have more commands, like fly, hat and more!