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Minecraft's Prison-Themed, Light Roleplay Server!

Welcome to Bains Penitentiary.

PVP, Light Roleplay, ranks, factions, and much more! Rank up by Mining Blocks, killing monsters, stealing from players, attacking guards...Then selling items for BP. (Currency)

With BP you can buy;
-Higher Ranks
-Protected Plots
-Item Shops (Sell your items)
-Contraband... Revolt against the machine!

(Prison Ranks)

Solitary Confinement

Default rank.
Basic ways to earn BP.
Most crime occurs here- Highly guarded

B-BLOCK (15,000)
Many perks and advantages over Block C.
-Rentable, buildable Cells
-2 new ways to earn BP
-Many new areas

A-BLOCK (35,000)
Many new work areas, more block & food options in stores, and some hidden perks.
-Mob Arena
-More items/food
-3+ new ways to earn BP
-Hidden areas
-More items available
-Very few guards on watch

ELITE-BLOCK (65,000)
The highest rank of prisoners...
-Best perks/advantages
-Lowest prices available
-Protected, buildable Cells
-5+ new ways to earn BP
-Protected from PVP

FREE (100,000)
Allowed to enter and exit the prison.
Uncover the secrets of the outside world... This is not the end. ;)

Patrols the prison and makes sure the rules are being enforced.
Breaks fights, kills offenders, and confiscates contraband items.

Ability to mute, kick, ban, and warp. Attained through trust.

Maintains the server.

Pay the set amount and ascend to the next rank using /rankup.