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Hello Minecraft Players!

Ann amazing new Minecraft server has entered the Minecraft world! Our nsmooth-running server is online almost all of the time, and can handle up to thirty players at the moment (This limit can easily be increased). Our kind and supportive staff will be there for you to listen to your suggestions and give you aid if you need it.

Our server is a Faction-PVP server, so you have the challenge of building up your faction’s power, and dominating others. The world you will be playing on is almost completely natural and pure, allowing endless building opportunities for you to enjoy.

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How do I join?

SwordCraft is proud to announce that we are white-list free. This means that you are able to join us simply by entering our easy to remember IP, Play instantly, and join us for fun battling each other in groups or by yourself!
As our community is welcoming, there is no need to be shy. You can be playing with us within seconds!

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Mumble: Coming Soon!


Owner: nerol333

Other Staff: [Admin] appleair, [Moderator] Ennono, [Moderator] spigot125