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1.7.10 Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server that sticks close to the vanilla gameplay.
Only necessary plugins added for a fun multiplayer experience.
Such as: House protection "Zoning", and Chest locks for your items.
Moderators are on 24/7 to protect your house "Zoning", and ban players that try to grief.
Server is based around building, no items are ever spawned in, everyone builds legit.
Pvp is only in PvP Arenas!

Server is 2 Years Old, Online 24/7, Dedicated Server, 32GB Ram, SSD
Map is 39,000 by 39,000 blocks. HUGE MAP!
200 Slot server
Normal Difficulty
Gold Ingots economy!
Map freshly generated, there is plenty of land to build on
Pg-13 Server: Family friendly community

Over 10,000 members and counting!
Join Website Now to be AUTO ranked to Member and get member commands

Locations around End Game!



calebthree [01/05/13 at 11:56 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 2
The Best Server I have Been on in all of them that I have tried (that is a lot by the way) It is not excessively large such as the top ten ( to the point where it is impossible to move without dying ) instead it is more modest and friendly an all around great server where the people that are on are almost best friends with you right when you start. It has the right mount of plugins so that it is still fun and for the peaceful people that mind their own business, the server is non pvp except for in the arena which looks just as exciting to watch a battle in as it is for those pvp junkies ( the arena is open 24/7 just need to have a steady stream of challengers which there are) along with this newer people will find it easy to get started as there is always a friendly (but pixelated) face to help them start off their endgame adventure. They will find that the server uses gold as currency making trade feel old-school (gives the same pleasure as holding a $100 dollar bill) great server
MaxedLVL [11/21/13 at 9:58 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 2
I see few has bothered to review. I'll see if I could get a crack at it.

I have been on this server for little over 11 months now. I proudly call it my main server. Last year, when I was searching for a new server, I was looking for a server to play normal Minecraft in. After many failures, I found EndGame. I loved it. It's a server for normal Minecraft with the exception of plugins for grief protection. I personally recommend all players looking to play normal Minecraft without grief in a Family-Friendly server.

skyregent is mad because he got banned. He most likely got banned for something different, anyway. I type "hell" in the chat all the time. I've seen mods and the owner do it too. We have a chat-filter and "hell" isn't censored. You do the math.
PS: The chat filter is awesome! It replaces curse words with "derp" or "herp!" Image someone trying to curse someone else out! "You derping herp! You derped up the herpy derp!"

And, worlord, dirt-houses don't get zoned.
Smmoke [01/06/13 at 6:49 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 2
When I was first starting on multiplayer servers, I tried perhaps 10 or 11, looking for a good PvE-only survival server. Many were far too large, with lines of chat trying to burst out of my monitor and climb to my ceiling. Many were too complicated, with 37 different ranks and an economy that makes the US economy look like an old Native American barter system.

Then I found End Game. The maximum number of players allowed on at one time is 96, though the most I have seen is perhaps 55 (that got a little crazy, but hey... great servers will attract people). The economy is based on gold ingots, and is very easy to use. There are protections against grief, and PvP is only allowed in a few select arenas. Also, there's a lot to see on End Game; many of the players on the server are fantastic builders, and everything outside of the spawn area has been done legit, with no creative. Yes, foul language is disallowed, but that helps make a pleasant, family-friendly experience for all!
worlord321 [06/04/13 at 7:27 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 1
This server used to be pretty cool. Then it wasn't.

(I am worlord's brother, using his account for this post)

I was banned from here for no reason at all. Worlord was banned as well. My cousins wacky and blake were banned. A friend shane was banned. Worlord and I were banned because blake advertised once from our IP. We appealed, and were denied appeal. Then we were _BANNED_ permanently from the website. Our friend Shane just asked for a zone. The staff took 45 minutes to even show up to his build (with many staff on), and then refused to zone it and called it a "crap-shack". Then, when Shane got mad, the co-owner banned him for trolling. What?! Staff was trolling, if anyone!

I had a fun couple months on End Game. Then everyone I know got banned for doing the most normal things. This is not how you run a good server. If you join here, donate if you want to stay. They ban everyone else for the slightest things, it will amaze you.
skyregent [01/02/13 at 5:19 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 1

My personal opinion? , not recomended.

I cant recomend a server that banned me for saying ''what the hell''

I just registered to tell you guys this... the mods are not flexible and make the experience worst, insta teleporting to you and banning/kicking.

i would only recomend joining of you dont talk --at all--. and its not a vanilla server its a lie to make you join the server.

1/5 - A waste of time.