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Hello traveller!
Please hold on a moment to read what our fresh and various server can offer you . In Rise of the Dark you will be able to play in two different ways :

- If you just want to build your own epic buildings, there's plenty of space that you can use ! Just follow the indications at the spawn and you'll be ready to mine and build in no time!

- If you want to enjoy the RPG component of this server, you'll be able to choose a race by doing specific rituals and enjoy its amazing powers ! We have a Beginner's Guide in our website
( ) that will explain you what our server can give you in terms of role playing !

Moreover, we do offer Mob Arena, extensive grief protection ( World Guard + SWatchdog ) and iConomy ! You will begin your journey with 30 $, but you can become incredibly rich by doing jobs and selling items to other players with shops ! ( you can find more info about this in our Beginner's Guide )

Now we implement Towny! Decide whether to create or join a town!
If you don't like this plugin, don't worry ! You can always build in the wilderness !

And , last but not least, donators will get access to awesome commands and will receive a personal island!

Please visit our website and download our Beginner's Guide if you want more info!