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Minecraft Crafter's Community is a well established community full of people and moderators with passion for the game. This is a non-whitelist server, so you don't have to "apply" to be able to join or build once you log in. We keep the experience as vanilla as possible, to play "As Notch intended". In our opinion, too many plugins spoil the gameplay!

Player Vs Players means you can kill other players and steal their stuff. If you find another player's house, you can look for chests and steal valuable materials, but griefing for the sake of griefing is not allowed.

This is a completely legit-build server. All of the amazing structures built around spawn and in various cities around the map were done without any /gives, or /items, or /kits. You have to work for everything you want to have on the server.

The map is TRULY infinite! We have no borders, and the map file is currently 11GB and climbing, if that gives you any sort of idea of how much exploration has been done by various players.

We have a Mumble server for voice chat, and forums at our website ( for communication as well.

We also run a Build (SMP with no health) server at!