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This is the home of my minecraft server, the CMA!server. I use the bukkit minecraft mod and sport lots of cool plugins. One of the features we have is multiworld. Our worlds are flat creative, factions pvp, and sphere survival. You can choose your playing style, while being on the same server with your friends! You are not locked to one world, so you can create some cool builds in creative and hunt diamonds in survival.

We have many anti-griefing tools to protect your creative and survival stuff, like GriefPrevention, which you can use to protect your survival stuff. We take backups and use rollback plugins for creative stuff, too. MCBans will keep out lots of griefers too.

In PVP, griefing is allowed, so watch out! With factions, you can protect land from being griefed, but be careful not to die. You could lose your power over that land! Cheating is not allowed though, and it is enforced by NoCheat. PVP has it's own nether world you can explore and conquer.

We have the coolest type of terrain. Our survival world is made up of floating spheres. If you like a challenge, this is sure to be the right place for you. Be careful of falling, because it can take your items as well as your life! Since the large empty space, night time is a challenge with the acclerated amount of enemy mobs in the spheres. To counter this out, animal mob spawn speeds is back to 1.7 type. Animals are abundant!

This is the only server that has the CMAserverSUPP plugin, made by cmastudios himself! Many features on the server, like chat, warps, and homes are managed by this plugin in the most convienent way.

We have lots of active players on the server, so if you want to do a community build, like a town, no problem! Is there not enough space to build? Look on the dynmap and you'll be sure to find a nice, quiet area to call home. You will also be able to find lots of neat builds you can check out.

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