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The Ghost Realms server network is recruiting new players! We run a bungeecord server, with 3 different servers, and plans to expand and make more! We are currently running a PVP & Raiding Server, a Towny server, and our Lobby/Events server. We have a Dedicated team of staff, builders, and Developer. We have custom plugins, and lots more fun features to check out!

The Towny server runs the Towny plugin, Economy, and Dynmap. The towny server is Greif-Free, and thefts and greifings are rolled back immediately. We have full nether enabled, and nether temples with portals! We also have unrestricted, and no level cap, on mcMMO. On the towny server, you can sell cakes to the Admin Shop for $25 each! You can also play the lottery!

The Raid server offers PVP and factions, this is the Raiding server, and has Player Head Drops, Player Bounties, and an economy. The towny server also has cake selling for $25 each, as well as selling other farmed items to the shop. Killing players has a chance to drop their head.

We run weekly events, such as spleef, hunger games, PVP and PVE, and events suggested by the players! Event times are below,

Spleef: Mondays @ 9 pm EST
Hunger Games: Wednesdays @ 8 pm EST
PVP: Friday @ 7 pm EST

Check out our Forums! Apply for staff on the forum.

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