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Floors Survival is a survival / minigames server that features Towny, Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Paintball, PvP, Mob Arena, And more!!


The main purpose of Floors Survival is really to develop a good community, and so our main objective is to create a friendly, survival based server that is based on social interaction. You can create a town with your friends, play hunger games with random players, or go to war with an enemy town. All of these features aim to create a healthy and fun community of minecraft players that will hopefully last for a long time.


Currently we have two staff members: Myself (benr2513) and a co-owner (Luc9246). If you are interested in applying for staff, join the server and on the first floor of spawn next to the teleportation doors there's a button. This button will open a door in the wall which leads to a place where you can write an application via book and quill and then submit it to the server. We will be definitely accepting a lot of applications, so apply quick if you want to become a staff member!!

Other Announcements:

Just recently I discovered a strange glitch that prevented players from moving about 100 blocks from a certain area without the server freezing and crashing. I managed to fix the problem, but it meant sacrificing 5 hunger games arenas and all of the paintball arenas (I made a new one). From what I've researched, this glitch is caused by bukkit, and so until they release a new craftbukkit that fixes the problem, there will be only one hunger games and one paintball arena. If you possibly know about this glitch, please let me know. The glitch happens in the console, where it says "Already decorating!!" and then proceeds to freeze the server.

Contact Information:

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or questions about the server, email me at FloorsSurvival@gmail.com. I'll reply to any and all emails that I receive.