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Comment changes, monthly views, and votes reset!

Today, I have changed the rating/commenting system to allow only one comment per 24 hour period as apposed to the previous system which was one comment per server per 24 hour period. This change has been enacted to combat server rating “greifing”, where users go about down-rating any servers higher or close to their own. This was not intentional use of the comment system and was simple abusive. This should mean more accurate representation of your favorite servers as you rate your favorite up or bomb a terrible one down the list.

Secondly, I have added a views “This month” so server listings so you can get an idea of how much traffic you are truly getting, and it will also prove the worth of diamond and iron server listings. These monthly view counts will reset with votes each month.

Finally, votes have once again been reset, so go on getting your server to the front page! We are now approaching 900 servers so be sure to keep your rating up! Last month saw an amazing 3000 comments posted, so let’s keep this going.

Premium server listings available!

Today marks the addition of our Premium server listing service!

There are two levels, Iron and Diamond. Iron gets a special style in the list as well as access to the [img] tag and immunity from being removed due to uptime. Diamond gets the advantages of Iron plus diamond servers are listed in their own table above all the rest. For a very low $4.99 USD/30 days you can start driving tons of traffic to your server, or upgrade to Diamond for just $9.99 USD for 30 days! Prices subject to change.

If you’d like to learn more or purchase Premium, check it out!

Ratings reset, let the craziness begin!

So when we introduced commenting with ratings  just before last month, we had no idea the kind of response we were going to get. In one month, we got nearly 2000 comments on servers, and we expect this month to be even bigger.

The votes from February have just reset, as they do/will every month, to make room for new titans to rise for March, so get voting!

Server downtime due to account suspension

We have had a rough week here with the site being down. Our account was first suspended for high CPU-usage on our shared host, then unsuspended, then half transferred, then transferred, then blocked by firewall, etc. In summary, we grew too large for our hosting and had to upgrade, so here we are with a dedicated server. To say the transfer was not very smooth would be an understatement but we are back now and glad to be. Keep in mind though that with our dedicated server comes a huge increase in costs and we do need your help. Anyway I hope you understand the downtime and know that we are here to stay, and this server is an example of our dedication to our website and to our users.

You can feel confident that we are not going anywhere.

Welcome to the new MinecraftServers.net!

Today marks the opening of the new MinecraftServers.net status list!

Welcome to everyone who stumbles upon our site. Check out the status page here.

Some of the new features include:

  • Country codes
  • Rating system
  • Server commenting
  • BBCode parsing
  • Searching

Check it out!

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