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Happy Holidays from!


Happy holidays from us here at As a small gift to bring us into the new year, anyone who comments here before 11.59PM EST on December 31st can give Iron for 30 days to a server of their choice that doesn’t already have premium(Iron or Diamond), one per server and one per person. If the server is already Iron, we can reset the expiration to be 30 days from when the giveaway concludes.

Simply comment on this post either the server ID(the number in the URL of a server), or link us to the server’s page on our site, and come January 1st we will begin handing out the free upgrades.

For reference, here is a description of the Iron plan:

Iron gets a special/differentiating style in the list to drive eyes to it and gains the ability to use the [img] BBCode in server info. Along with adding images to their pages, the information limit on their listing is increased from 2,000 to 5,000 characters. Premium servers are also immune to being removed due to low uptime during their premium membership. Iron currently costs $4.99 for 30 days.


Thanks for using and again, happy holidays!



Because we gave almost no notice on this, we have extended the giveaway until the new year. is now on Google+!

Greetings once again fellow Minecraft players! is now on Google+ so be sure to follow us there by adding us to your circles!


In other news,

The ticket support system has become far too cumbersome to continue using. It is unwieldy and very difficult to keep up with. We still want to make sure we can help with whatever you need, but through other forms of contact. Please feel free to email support at, message us on Facebook, or contact us via Google+!

Monthly Reset Issue

There was an issue with the monthly reset which caused it to execute twice more than its scheduled time.

This bug has been fixed, and we apologize for all votes which have been reset.

To report future bugs, or to ask for help regarding a site issue, please feel free to create a ticket at

Again, I apologize for this issue, and I thank you for your continued support.

Support System Shortcomings

Greetings from! We wish you the best this holiday season.


We would like to apologize for the lack of responses on our support ticket system, and that we are getting to them. If you feel you are waiting too long, you can get a personal response by emailing


Thanks for your patience and again I apologize for the delay.

MCS Minecraft 1.8 Update Giveaway!

Welcome one and all to the 1.8 update giveaway!

A lot has happened since we last posted an update here: our new payment system went online, we passed 4500 servers listed(and still growing!), blown right through 10 million hits(now well over 12m!), not to mention the largest Minecraft update since Halloween last year.

For all this and more, we want to give back with a contest. You by no means have to purchase anything to participate.


So what are we giving away?

-1 Grand Prize winner will win any server listed on a free upgrade to Diamond level listing for 30 days, putting them right on the front page, driving tons of players their way.

-10 runner-ups will receive a hand-made creeper cozy, beanie, or wrist band, courtesy of Lilac’s Lovables, free! We’ll even ship it out to you. Take a look! These winners will also have the opportunity to get any server of their choice a free upgrade to an Iron level listing on for 30 days, helping them take their servers to the next level with a diversifying style and upgrades like images in the listing.


So now for the important questions:

Q: How do I enter?

A: There are two ways to enter:

Step 1: Like us on Facebook or Register an Account on this blog

Step 2:  Leave a comment with a link to your favorite server’s listing on and tell us why it is best or why it deserves to win! If you liked us on Facebook, write on our wall! If you chose to register an account with us, leave a comment on this post!

Q: Can I enter my own server?

A: Of course! If you’d like your own server to win, enter that!

Q: Can I enter a server even if it isn’t mine?

A: Yes! If your post is selected as a winner, we will have to contact the server’s administration to confirm they want the upgrade, but you can win!

Q: How do you determine the winners?

A: We will be reviewing all servers posted and each pick some favorites as winners. The grand prize winner will be the best server we come across.

Q: What if my server is already premium?

A: We will simply add 30 days on to the expiration.

Q: When does this contest end?

A: We will be accepting entries up until September 30, 2011 and announcing winners the following week.

New support system

In order to keep up with our increased use and therefore increased issues and support needs, we have opened up a new ticket support system.

In order to use the system, all you need is a valid email address and some quick information for us to assist you in solving whatever issue you may have.

Check it out!

MinecraftServers v2 Beta

Today we have launched a beta of the new version of our site with a huge list of improvements.

There are also some changes that require your attention. As a server owner, you should know that we have added User accounts that you can add any number of servers to and administer them in one central place. Also, you must update your comment links to the new vote pages, as we have removed “comments” as they were in favor of just voting. Server reviews are a planned feature. A more extensive User CP is also in the works.

Stay tuned for more as it comes!


If you have nay feedback for us, please feel free to let us know in the comments down below or on the beta forums!

New style and diamond changes!

I have created a new style for that should relieve some of the complexity and clutter of the list. It should provide a much clearer, and more concise view of a server before going into it to get more info. Please send me any feedback about the change that you might have.

Diamond servers’ limit will be increased from 7(+ up to 2 affiliates), to 10(+3 possible affiliates) within the next 30 days, so purchases made from today on are doing so with that knowledge.

Finally, due to the popularity and demand of Diamond status, the price will be adjusted up to $14.99 within the next week, but anyone who buys it before then will be able to still get the $9.99 price.

Comment changes, monthly views, and votes reset!

Today, I have changed the rating/commenting system to allow only one comment per 24 hour period as apposed to the previous system which was one comment per server per 24 hour period. This change has been enacted to combat server rating “greifing”, where users go about down-rating any servers higher or close to their own. This was not intentional use of the comment system and was simple abusive. This should mean more accurate representation of your favorite servers as you rate your favorite up or bomb a terrible one down the list.

Secondly, I have added a views “This month” so server listings so you can get an idea of how much traffic you are truly getting, and it will also prove the worth of diamond and iron server listings. These monthly view counts will reset with votes each month.

Finally, votes have once again been reset, so go on getting your server to the front page! We are now approaching 900 servers so be sure to keep your rating up! Last month saw an amazing 3000 comments posted, so let’s keep this going.

Premium server listings available!

Today marks the addition of our Premium server listing service!

There are two levels, Iron and Diamond. Iron gets a special style in the list as well as access to the [img] tag and immunity from being removed due to uptime. Diamond gets the advantages of Iron plus diamond servers are listed in their own table above all the rest. For a very low $4.99 USD/30 days you can start driving tons of traffic to your server, or upgrade to Diamond for just $9.99 USD for 30 days! Prices subject to change.

If you’d like to learn more or purchase Premium, check it out!