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Server banners?

One of the more requested features for is to allow a premium option that gives server owners the option to insert a server banner image to the list, so it would appear both in the server list and server details page.

On one hand, it would be a nice addition to diamond and add a level between the Iron and Diamond premium levels that would attract more eyes to a server that has a banner. On the other, it has the potential to be ugly and inflate the list, making it require more scrolling.

Is this something you are interested in or against? Vote below.

Would you want a premium option to have a server banner image in the list?

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Loading ... Loading ... Now Supports Votifier!

Finally after a long wait, has joined the ranks of sites that have integration with the ever-popular Votifier voting rewards plugin. This is a new feature so be sure to report any issues, and go edit your servers to supply the necessary information!